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It's a robust mounting system for small format cameras.

Designed to eliminate the snag hazards associated with 99% of other camera mount options, the Pivot Pad can be bolted to flat surfaces (3" diameter flat circle area required), or sewed onto fabrics. We make a glove that comes with the Pivot Pad system installed, and we offer the Pivot Pad separate for anyone who wants to use it in a custom application.

A few different top parts can be added to the Pad's base. One is a universal flat top, the second is a single-cam housing for a Hero3, and the third top is a double-cam housing for two Hero3 cameras (one for photos, one for video: for simultaneous shooting). All Pivot Pad tops are interchangeable. In a couple minutes one may remove one top and install another.

Some benefits of using the Pad system:

Low snag risk. The Pad's base has a very low profile, making snags less likely. A vertcal wall surrounds the top piece. This helps keep unwanted items such as parachute lines, clothing, and other hardware from becoming trapped on the Pivot Pad.

Fully rotatable. 360 degrees of adjustability, with a friction adaper holding the position you choose until you decide you prefer another.

Solid mount solution. There's a wide base for attachment of the camera, instead of a skinny stalk. This helps the photographer achieve more steady shots instead of shaky scenes.

Heavy Duty. These mounts have been through a full year of design and testing before manufacturing them for the market. We've abused them with heavy loads, vice grips, numerous skydives, and found them to be quite resilient. It's extremely difficult to break one.

More aerodynamic. With a low profile and rounded shape, these Pivot Pads have more aerodynamic shapes than your typical camera mount. Smoother airflow over the camera system leads to smoother shots when particpating in speedy activities.

Mounting options:

Gloves. We manufacture high strength gloves that create a stable platform for video or photo cameras. The gloves come in three different standard sized (Small, Medium, and Large). Extra Large is also available on special order. This XL size is only needed by people with extraordinarily large hands, or when thick winter gloves are intended to be worn underneath. Our gloves are easy to put on and easy to remove, yet they fit very close to your hand once they've been adjusted to suit you. A cam-lock adjuster makes the glove fit snug around your knuckle area, and a hook & loop strap finished the fit on your palm area.

Helmets. Any helmet that has a minimum flat area of 3" diameter circle size can be used for mounting of the Pivot Pad system. Vertical or horizontal: Your choice. Both options are suitable, and each has its own benefits.

Sewn to durable fabric. The Pad can be affixed to most any heavy fabric surfaces: protective gear, hats, shoes, gloves, etc. A medium-duty industrial sewing machine is required to push a needle through the Pad properly. Size 69/E nylon thread is recommended.

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