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Parachute Rigging Services

We provide all levels of service on parachute gear. With an FAA certified Master Rigger on staff, and a wide array of machines suited to the task, we can perform basic scheduled maintenance such as repacks, or more intense servcing including harness repairs.

Our loft has been operating at Lompoc Airport for 6 years, handling maintenance on student gear from the local Skydive Santa Barbara drop zone and other DZ's in the area, as well as sport rigs of local fun jumpers. Pilot emergency parachutes are also welcome. We can service Back and Seat type rigs.

Camera housings and glove mounts for action cams

After several years of shooting handcam style videos and photos during tandem jumps, Funjump Rigging began designing its own camera gloves. These gloves have evolved over the last 4 years, and now they're virtually bulletproof.

Our camera gloves provide snag-resitant surfaces, hard lens protection, and easy access to the camera's ports and buttons.

In addition to these benefits, our gloves even have a stable, solid mount for the cameras; one that's adjustable 360 degrees... ready to be tailored to suit you. The vibration-shake that's inherent in most camera glove systems is non existent in our gear, thanks to the Pivot Pad mount. Try it out!